Our Services

At Silver Foxes, we see ourselves not just as a Digital Marketing agency but as a holistic Business Support service.

Our aim is to get you more business. We do this by understanding where you are and where you want to get to. We set out an operational strategy for – a meaningful rolling plan with measurable objectives and get to work……

Digital Content

The foundation stone of an effective digital presence is the relevancy and accuracy of information –  such as the content of your business website – that is available to customers. To ensure that this is done effectively the Silver Foxes team will generate your content on a continuous basis.

Management Support

Silver Foxes knows that no two business are the same: each one has its own unique facets and needs. That is why we place great importance on face-to-face discussions with customers so that we gain a thorough understanding of your business and its needs. Once a strategy has been agreed with a customer and implemented, we monitor its performance to determine how effectively it is working and to amend or fine-tune it whenever necessary. We do this in close consultation with our customers.

Platform Development

Many of our customers come to us with inadequate website platforms. A major current issue is “responsive design” – the ability for your website to be adequately seen on mobile devices. Increasingly customers are asking for mobile design as a priority. We have access to Web Designers, App Development, Video Production, streaming and other platform development expertise.

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